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Hey guys, it's been a while.

I thought I'm going to tell you what I'll get on Christmas.
I already get a PS3 slim (I waited so long, but now I get what I want. I'm not spoiled o.o).
But not to be confused with the ultra/super slim.
I don't like the new model, it's too thin and it looks so much like a cheap & plastic one.
So what do you think about the new PS3 ?

Ahh, I've forgot to mention that I pre ordered "Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3" *-*
You get in Europe two Collectors Editions, the "True Despair Edition", this is the Sasuke one, or the
"Will of Fire" Edition", this is the Naruto one (You have three guesses xD)
But if you don't want them you can also order the "One day Edition"
The Collectors Editions cost 90 ~ 118,49$ & the One Day Edition 59 ~ 77,67$
(I'm going to post three pictures that you can see how they'll look like but if you can't wait then just google it x)

If you're interested we can gamble together... but after Christmas.

So I'm outta here for now.

PS: Before some people tell me that they know this for ages... I just wanted to talk about, so no fuss, please :)
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I really like to drawing, go to conventions and cosplay , study languages especially Japanese , go to karate training, play piano, ehhh many things xD

And as you can see I like, no wait, I love SasuNaru very much *-*
[It may be true that I'm obsessed xD] :iconloveloveplz: :iconallmyloveplz:

Well, anything that has to do with Naruto or generally Yaoi, Cosplay or Japan is gorgeous ~ <3
Have I already said that I'm a Otaku ? No ? Now you know it :D

Sasuke/Sora :icondignitylaughplz:

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